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The main reason people turn to life coaches like Trisha Smith of Salt Lake City's BLISS Personal Development is because they seek personal growth. Working with a life coach can equip an individual the tools to advance and enhance all areas of their life, from love to work. As adjustments are implemented and Salt Lake City clients work towards their goals and dreams, not only are they changing for the better, but so are their lives. Your personality development fluctuates in magnitude as you go through different situations or phases in life, and it is important to be aware of how you are evolving in terms of personal growth. Salt Lake City’s foremost life coach, Trisha Smith, can train you to be more aware of your sense of self and use those realizations to achieve growth in ways that are in accordance with your ever-evolving personality development.

Why is Personality Development and Personal Growth Important?

Humans are not stagnant beings by any means. The phrase "people never change" is simply just not true! We know that our Salt Lake City clients are constantly growing physically, emotionally and spiritually, and with those developments our personality also evolves. It's vital for Salt Lake City residents to have self-awareness and to keep themselves in check as well as on track so they can realize your hopes and dreams. These things are much easier to attain when you are in tune with your inner workings and can help yourself in ways that are in conjunction with who you are at the core. Salt Lake City’s foremost life coach Trisha Smith can help you bring those things into harmony.

Identifying Your Personality Model for Personal Growth in Salt Lake City

To be the optimal version of themselves, Salt Lake City residents must self-reflect and realize their motivations, fears, tendencies, and all the other workings of their subconscious. Imagine your personality as an operating system, which has its own set of codes, styles and way of doing things. A Mac computer can technically run PC applications, but the performance is slower and not as cohesive. Using a Mac application on a Mac product makes more sense because it's more compatible with how they work, so things naturally run smoother and faster. The same concept is true for Salt Lake City residents and their personalities: you want to utilize strategies that work with your operating system, so you can have optimal personal growth in Salt Lake City. Understanding your type of personality and the characteristics of it allows you to program yourself to choose the best situations for your own personal growth and development. Trisha Smith helps her Salt Lake City clients to look inward at themselves and then outward at what the world has to offer in regard to catering specifically to that sense of self.

Examples of Personality Types and Development Differences

Experts in the personal growth field agree upon a list of nine interconnected personality types that hail from a cognitive guide called an Enneagram. While Salt Lake City has a population of almost 200,000 and each of them is a completely unique individual, everyone can be categorized as one of the following: Perfectionist, Giver, Performer, Romantic, Observer, Skeptic, Optimist, Protector, or Mediator. Each of these personality types have different values as well as priorities, the understanding of which is key in assuring that you aren't allowing yourself to indulge in behaviors non-conducive to your personal growth in Salt Lake City. For example, keys that a Performer has for success are not likely to work for an Observer, as they are vastly different personality development types that are motivated by different things. Allow Trisha Smith, Salt Lake City’s best life coach, help you understand your personality type so you can better craft a development plan around your specific personality that emphasizes on what works best by it.

Free Intro Session for Salt Lake City Coaching

If you feel a little stuck in terms of personal growth and development, a life coach can give you the nudge you need to thrive. Trisha offers prospective Salt Lake City clients a chance to have a session at no cost to see how her coaching can aid their personality development. Call today to schedule.

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