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Given the demanding nature of balancing both personal and occupational responsibilities, it's easy for self-care to fall to the bottom of your priority list, so why not have someone to hold you accountable for taking care of yourself? A woman of many specialties, Trisha Smith of BLISS Personal Development is Salt Lake City’s foremost health and wellness coach. While “health and wellness” is a broad term, it's fitting because it’s an all-encompassing phrase that focuses on the client's overall well-being. When you enlist Trisha as your Salt Lake City health and wellness coach, you will receive the attention of a dietician, personal trainer, and health advocate all in one! She teaches her Salt Lake City health and wellness coaching clients to think about where they are physically as well as emotionally as opposed to where they want to be, helping clients use this information to self-inspect and realize what behaviors are not conducive to reaching their goals. Our Salt Lake City clients can trust Trisha to work alongside them, empowering them to implement lifestyle changes like exercise, diet, as well as mindfulness practices to obtain wellness of the mind, body, and soul like no other Salt Lake City health or wellness coach can.

The Role of a Salt Lake City Health Coach

A good way to explain the multifaceted job of a health and wellness coach is to break it down between those two terms. The health coach part of it focuses on your physical body and how it feels and is performing. Trisha works with her Salt Lake City clients to realize their health-related potential as part of her health coaching services. She can help you have more awareness of what you are putting into your body and how it affects you. As your health coach, she can assist you with meal as well as exercise plans and help you find ways to be active in Salt Lake City to relieve stress, aches, and pains. Trisha transformed her own life and health by losing 60 pounds is passionate about providing health coaching her Salt Lake City clients so that they may reach their health goals.

The Role of a Salt Lake City Wellness Coach

While unhealthiness may show its signs and symptoms through your body, it often originates from the mind. The wellness aspect of Trisha's coaching in Salt Lake City focuses on the root of where unhealthy habits and behaviors start: with your thought process. Her wellness coaching dives into how the brains of her Salt Lake City clients assesses issues such as obsessive eating, lack of motivation for fitness, or any other self-sabotaging practices that are leading you to stray from ideal health. Yoga and meditation are both a huge help for her own personal wellness, and she can teach her Salt Lake City clients all the peaceful benefits of those stress-relieving practices and more. What you think is what you become, so start your health journey with wellness coaching to ensure full-body wellbeing with BLISS Personal Development in Salt Lake City.

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Looking for a health and wellness coach to get you on the right track physically and mentally? Trisha has coached many, many people to improved wellbeing and you can be her next success story! Call BLISS today to get healthy.

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