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One of the most stressful, complex, and time-consuming parts of life in Salt Lake City is being a part of the workforce. No matter who the person is or what industry they are in, everyone can benefit from a little career counseling. Advice from a Salt Lake City job coach can add refreshing ideas and a new outlook on your position. Not only does an outside opinion give you a more objective perspective that is hard to have while looking at a problem internally, it is refreshing to hear an experienced Salt Lake City professional's take on the matter, which is where career coach Trisha Smith comes in. She has plenty of experience in helping hundreds of Salt Lake City area professionals excel in their respective workplaces through envisioning what success looks like to them and providing them with career counseling to align their job habits with that vision.

Unemployment in Salt Lake City

Losing a job or not being able to land one to begin with can be extremely disheartening and frustrating. Being unemployed in Salt Lake City is certainly not an ideal position to be in, but it’s a great spot to enlist the aid of a job coach because you are starting with a blank canvas. Beginning from square one allows a Salt Lake City career coach to offer you the entire career counseling experience from the ground up. Trisha can help you identify your wants and needs regarding industry, location, salary and all the other components involved in a career search, and then coach you on the best practices to instill in order to achieve those goals and land the position of your dreams in Salt Lake City.

A Job Coach for Your Current Position in Salt Lake City

Many, if not most people, experience a disharmony in their work lives. Some people even claim to hate their job, which in turn negatively affects their mood for more than half the day. Career counseling lets you examine the areas of your occupation that are lending to that unhappiness and creates solutions for those problems. Whether it is a communication issue with a rude coworker, dealing with a supercritical boss or a patience and perspective issue regarding your own procedures, a Salt Lake City job coach will work through your career stressors with you and come up with a plan to alleviate those frustrations. While the office may still not be your favorite place to be, Trisha Smith of BLISS Personal Development in Salt Lake City can help you make it the best possible place it can be for the hours you are there.

A Career Coach to Get You to the Next Level

We've all heard the saying "climbing the corporate ladder." For some in Salt Lake City, they feel they are stagnant in their personal development if they are not constantly progressing. If that sounds like your case, Salt Lake City’s foremost career coach can help you with your upward mobility in the workplace. Through her job coaching services, Trisha Smith has helped many clients throughout the Salt Lake City area visualize the promotion or raise they want as well as equip them with the tools necessary to realize their vision. She has helped catapult people of all experience levels in Salt Lake City to higher paying, more satisfactory positions and you could be her next career counseling success story!

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