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We experience much of our physical growth during our adolescence and teen years, but mentally and emotionally our personal development never ceases! Salt Lake City residents, it is important to stay in tune with yourself and how your personality and attitude develop through all stages of life. However, it is easy to get off track and out of harmony, which is where a Salt Lake City personal coach comes in handy! Trisha Smith of BLISS Personal Development is an elite, certified life coach who takes years of training and her own experiences in self-improvement to help her Salt Lake City clients through each step and area of their customized personal development plans.

The Process of Personality Development

There are many facets that comprise who we are, what we prioritize in our lives, and how those values affect how our personality development. Think of yourself as a cake made of layers of ingredients. Your base level, or foundation, is yourself worth, esteem and confidence. Building on this are the professional, romantic, and friendly relationships you develop around Salt Lake City and your roles within them. All these pieces come together in the development of your personality. However, much like in a cake recipe, if one of the pieces is overwhelming (or underwhelming), your personality’s development is going to be askew. A personal coach like Trisha of Salt Lake City’s BLISS Personal Development will work with you on all areas of your life, from career and finances to relationships and health, to help you find the right ratios for your personal development recipe.

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What Does a Salt Lake City Personal Coach Do?

A Salt Lake City personal coach is a mentor, therapist, sounding board, brainstormer, and voice of reason all in one. Think of Trisha as your own personal cheerleader who can take your life in Salt Lake City from stressful and unfulfilling to joyous and purposeful through a constructive personality development process.

She achieves this by helping clients look inward, identifying their dreams, and then mapping out how to reach them. Most Salt Lake City residents know what they want in life and where they want to be but get confused or caught up in how to get there. A Salt Lake City life coach lays out the stepping stones to form a clear path to personal development.

Working with a Personal Coach in Salt Lake City

Trisha offers a range of programs to Salt Lake City residents looking for assistance in furthering their personality development, from basic help to advanced long-term mentoring. For those in Salt Lake City looking for just a little guidance, she has created workbooks and eBooks dedicated to helping people lead their lives with intuition and meaning. For a more hands-on personal coach experience, she holds weekly seminars, quarterly personal development workshops in Salt Lake City, and incredibly beneficial one-on-one sessions. Trisha works with her Salt Lake City clients for terms of three, six, or twelve-month periods depending on their goals.

Free Personal Coaching Session

Unsure if you need outside help for internal development? Trisha offers a free introductory session to her Salt Lake City clients where you can learn more about her services and how they can help you with your specific goals. Call BLISS today to set up your free session!

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