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Salt Lake City residents seeking to improve their lives can put their faith in Trish Smith of BLISS Personal Development, a world-class life coach who successfully forged her own path to positive personal growth! Many years ago, she noticed that she often felt stressed, tired and depressed in her own life in Salt Lake City. Realizing that those feelings weren’t going to change on their own, she knew she had to do something, but what? Unsure of where to start, she turned to self-help books, utilizing the knowledge she learned from them to examine the main barriers preventing her from living her ideal life, ultimately crafting a plan to bridge the gap between where she was and her goals.

Physical Changes

A major part of Trisha’s plan for personal development was to be more active and seek mental clarity through physical activity around Salt Lake City. Implementing a few lifestyle changes has made an immense difference for her and she often serves as a source of inspiration for her Salt Lake City clients, exhibiting the results on can achieve when they take hold of their life. Since starting her own self-growth journey in Salt Lake City, she has lost more than 60 pounds! Much of this is credited to running 5k races throughout the Salt Lake City area as well as falling in love with the healing practices of yoga and meditation. Not only has she lost weight but she has gained a sense of balance in body and mind; allow Trisha Smith to guide you through the same steps to self-improvement in Salt Lake City.

Lifestyle Changes

In Trisha’s own self-improvement journey, she looked inward to inspect which areas of her life she felt unhappy with that she could do something about. She quickly realized that much of her dissatisfaction with her own life stemmed from a feeling of not having much control over it. The next step was deciding how to change that and claim her power, which she did through two major lifestyle changes. She decided to quit her Salt Lake City job and become an entrepreneur in Salt Lake City, so she could be her own boss and do something she was passionate about. That is where her BLISS Personal Development Salt Lake City life coaching business comes into play: it’s a successful result of life coaching, and she is the proof. The second thing she did to grab ahold of the reigns of her life is deciding to pull her two children out of their Salt Lake City schools and homeschool them so that she could have influence over their academics. The result has been years of flourishing and thriving in Salt Lake City, now she is truly living the ideal life she first envisioned when she was struggling years ago. Without the perspective and insight she gained from learning about personal development techniques, she probably would not have been brave enough to make those big changes in her life. Through her Salt Lake City life coaching she opens her clients’ eyes to solutions they may not have the perspective to envision by themselves.

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Salt Lake City residents that need a little extra help realizing their wellness goals and enacting lifestyle changes should employ Trisha’s help as a personal coach. She offers free introductory coaching sessions to outline wants and see if her services will be a good fit for all potential clients.

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