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The lifestyle changes that Trisha implemented into her own day-to-day in Salt Lake City brought her tremendous results that aren’t just noticeable to other people, but also to her internally. Being healthier physically as well as emotionally in terms of career and home life, she has had a great shift in mood and is now living every day in Salt Lake City happily and gratefully. She wants to give the feeling of mental clarity that comes with self-improvement to all her Salt Lake City clients. But before a life coach can advise on some actions to take towards growth, first they need to review with their Salt Lake City clients which behaviors are negatively affecting their development and keeping them from where they want to be.

Identifying Bad Behaviors with Salt Lake City Clients

Before a Salt Lake City life coaching client can make any progress, they have to start with a solid foundation to build from, that means first getting rid of negative habits and behaviors. For many Salt Lake City people that are experiencing personal struggles, it is hard for them to be rational with themselves about their shortcomings; they are either blind to their imperfections or completely consumed in picking themselves apart. Neither of those extremes are productive, so a Salt Lake City life coach is a great ally to help you healthily self-reflect and identify things you are doing that are leading you to hate aspects of your life. For example, if you have issues body image issues, Trisha of Salt Lake City’s BLISS Personal Development can get you past that initial hump of “I hate how I look” to exactly what it is you dislike so that it isn’t so overwhelming. The process shows you not only that it is probably just a few things contributing to that overarching unhappiness about your body, but also makes them seem much more manageable to change and therefore easier to obtain the results you need in order to better your life in Salt Lake City.

Consciously Changing Behaviors of Salt Lake City Clients

Acknowledging and understanding the problem is only half the battle; the next step involves conscious and constant action. At this point you and your Salt Lake City life coach will draft a plan to change those bad behaviors and replace them with positive ones that are aligned with the priorities and goals you envisioned for your best self. This substitution is a helpful tool because by offering an alternative behavior, the body begins to automatically resort to that and change its habits. Together you come up with a very detail-oriented game plan to tackle the issues, but it is up to you to physically put those new behaviors into action. Of course, Salt Lake City’s foremost life coach will always be cheering you on, helping you if you get stuck, and most importantly, holding you accountable for your own self-improvement.

Salt Lake City Free Coaching Session

Trisha offers clients an introductory coaching consultation at no cost to them so that they can learn more about her services with no commitment. This allows Salt Lake City residents who are considering a life coach’s help to change their attitude and behaviors to try it out and see if it seems like something that will benefit them. Call today to schedule your free session, or set one up through Google Calendar.

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