Trisha Smith’s Salt Lake City life coaching services have brought amazing, positive results to the lives of many people in the Salt Lake City area who have turned to BLISS Personal Development for a push in the right direction. Her holistic approach to examining the whole person, including all areas of their life, has led her Salt Lake City clients to improving their lives all around and becoming more well-rounded individuals. She breaks down all the parts that make a person who they are and then teaches her clients to pinpoint problem areas, what they want for themselves regarding them and how exactly to get there. The following are all ways Trisha’s many Salt Lake City life coaching clients have benefitted from her services and advising:

Better Health in Salt Lake City

Trisha often works with her Salt Lake City clients on their health and fitness, as this is a common problem area for lots of people. After working with her, using her planning and counseling to motivate change, clients report experiencing several benefits to their health. Many pick up exercising and other ways of keeping active, which leads to weight loss, a greater overall sense of well-being, and a decrease in health risks. Other plans include healthier eating habits that have them looking and feeling better. After having their health inspected, many realized the negative impact that habits such as smoking or drinking were having on them, quit, and began the process of healing their bodies from the effect of those toxins.

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Gaining Wealth in Salt Lake City

In regards to finances, life coaching can greatly benefit your wallet through the powers of manifestation. That doesn’t mean you can just picture a million dollars and it will appear, but that is a start! Trisha has helped numerous Salt Lake City clients that were struggling financially to turn their misfortunes around through positive and progressive thinking. The plans for success she has created with people have catapulted them to higher positions as well as income brackets.

She has helped her Salt Lake City clients realize they need a job change and taught them the skills for workplace productivity and professionalism that gave them the confidence to take charge of their careers and therefore their bank accounts.

Finding Love in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City residents in every stage of love come to Trisha Smith of BLISS Personal Development for help with their romantic endeavors and have benefitted greatly from her advice. After working with her, Salt Lake City singles have a clear vision of their ideal partner, what they want a future with someone to look like and dating tips and tools to find that someone. During her time with her Salt Lake City clients, Trisha has seen many people keep upgrading their relationship status to taken after following the plan they formulated to attract mates. Through her relationship coaching services, those in troubled relationships have been able to work on both their partnership and the flaws that contribute to whatever dilemma they are experiencing. She has helped many couples work through their jealousy, anger, and so many more romantic roadblocks.

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Improving Mood in Salt Lake City

Inherently, the clients of Trisha Smith are much happier once their lives improve in the areas of health, career, or love, or even all three simultaneously. When you are doing better, you feel better, and having peace of mind is why most people hope to receive from procuring a Salt Lake City life coach’s help in the first place. This newfound satisfaction is the ultimate end goal and Trisha loves helping her clients get to the point where they have improved themselves enough to notice how the physical changes affect them positively mentally as well. To her, this means she has been successful in her role to aid them in complete personal transformation.

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