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Releasing negative moments in the past through meditation, visualization, breath work and energy work have me feeling so free, happy and a sense of peace! I'm teaching a workshop each week that gives me a great feeling.  I feel generous,...
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A few months ago I started a workout program.  I made it about a week. This time I made a firm commitment to myself & my family.  We put the menu together and out the door we went to buy...
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A fine archer aim's at a bull's eye everytime & hit's as best she or he can each time!  Do you have a bull's eye goal for each fundamental area of your life?  Health, fitness, love, relationships, &  money?  One...
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In The Zone!

When are you in the zone?  When does life feel really good, fully alive & dazzling?  For me:  When my daughter was born at home.  When I rode in the MS 150 in Logan through the beautiful grassy fields.  When...
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Be Amazing!

Dig up the weeds called 'not good enough'.  Plant flowers that smell, look & feel beautiful!  Practice daily your commitments and you will go beyond 'good enough'.  You will be Strong, Confident, A Leader, Enjoyable...  Amazing!
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