Are You In Alignment?

Do you want a healthy body?

Sometimes x = y and we wonder why we don’t have the result we are intending.  I am on an awesome total body cleanse & detox with a vegan diet.  I am allergic to milk and have been wanting to give it up for a while now.  Now I am drinking, water, almond milk, rice milk & coconut milk.  I gave up 1 and got 3 new!  My new formula is x = x + 3  Cool!

The more challenging question becomes, do you want a healthy mind?

People may be more aware of their body than their mind.  I watched t.v. every day, many hours a day until my son was born.  He was learning to roll over & I almost missed it because I was watching t.v.  I decided then and there to let go of the t.v.  He turns 10 this year.  I have read more educational books and listened to more educational training’s in the past 10 years than I ever had, for myself, in my life.

How do you move from x = y to x = x?  Are you in alignment with what you want and need in your life?  When you are in alignment you could have x = x + x   Total bonus!

See math formulas can work for our Mind and Body too!

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